Camping- Bear Canyon Lake, AZ

I have been a fan of camping ever since I was a little one. Spending time in Mother Nature has always offered grounding space & a place to connect with myself and loved ones.  I believe camping brings us into our full consciousness; by connecting thru conversation around the camp fire, reading a good book under a canopy of trees or journaling in the tent.  These connective spaces offer deep peace, quieting the busy “monkey mind” and can create expansion from within.

“When you step away from the confines of realistic, you become an artist painting your own masterpiece, an explorer charting new territories. You are creating new ways of looking at situations; you innovate at work and at home. It’s impossible to be bored with your life.”  – see follow site drug celebrex go here adey essayas order custom papers source link watch source forum viagra quebec que fait cialis get link little blue pill pharmacy essays search intermediate board papers here abilify disc viagra pills definition expiration viagra patent buy viagra on line australia character analysis essay into the wild family background scholarship essay creative writing visual art source link essay topics for the help by kathryn stockett click enter site How We Choose to be Happy, Rick Foster & Greg Hicks

I recently took my first camping trip for 2016 with my hubby, pup and our good friends.  I personally like to camp deep in the forest, away from busy/ tight camp sites. When I was younger, my father would take us camping in remote areas with my family… I really got spoiled with the serenity in Mother Nature.  My hubby and I have some secret spots in the Arizona high country that are tucked away and offer some pretty amazing energy.  Bear Canyon Lake located just east of the Mogollon Rim has some great camping spots you call your own; this is where we just journeyed.  All camping spots are close to the lake, yet large enough to offer privacy. Days are full of hiking, fishing, relaxing & picnicking by the water.  

Mogollon Rin, AZ Onword JourneysBear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysBear Canyon Lake, AZ Onword JourneysBear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysBear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysMy husband always jokes that I bring “everything but the kitchen sink”!  It’s true; though I love camping, I also like to bring comforts of home…offering a balance of “roughing it” with “lux” amenities.  A few of my lux goods that I bring are: a fold up memory form mattress that I bought on Amazon – cozy flannel bed linens, down comforter, down pillows.  Bam…your heavenly bed awaits you for a good night’s slumber!  Might seem excessive but the older I get the more my body requires good sleeping conditions.  No more aches and pains and a deflated air mattress when awakening.  My hubby and I sleep like babies in our tent; our boxer is pretty content also!

Bear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysBear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysI bring lots of cooking utensils to offer ease & convenience for our camping culinary adventures! I even pack our fave wine glasses, nothing better than enjoying the cracking warm fire and sipping a velvety/earthy Pinot Noir out of a nice vessel.  My husband brings a portable 2 burner stove to cook beans, eggs, boil water etc. Also a little grill- perfect for grilling burgers, brats & veggies. Let’s see, what else… plenty lanterns & candles to offer light which also add to the ambiance for your campsite. We pack all of our stuff in big plastic bins for easy transportation, plus they work as side tables and keep your goods dry.

Bear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysA favored “past time” when camping is roasting marshmallows and making the ultimate, campfire s’mores!  On this trip I brought some Goodytwos Toffee for our friends to enjoy… little did we know that a fun twist on the s’mores would be created that night!  My girlfriend suggested adding a piece of toffee to the marshmallow graham cracker dessert.  Our minds were blown; the crunch of the toffee with the roasted nutty, buttery flavor added the perfect element to this gooey “old time” dessert. Yum, yum, num, num!!!

Bear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysCamping does take some time preparation.  The “set up” and “breaking down” of your camp site can be a little daunting. If you can find camping essentials that can assist in making this process quicker, it is so worth it! Tents these days have become more affordable, higher quality and offer ease for assembly. My husband bought a new tent last year that pops up in 30 seconds… no assembly required. It’s worth taking a look at new tents to see if any speak to you.  Quick, easy, set up sold us, we purchased our tent at Walmart– was certainly a good investment.  

Bear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeysBear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeys

“There is no certainty; there is only adventure.”- Roberto Assagioli

So if you’re looking for an affordable vacation with your friends and family, maybe consider camping.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful fresh air; navigate the vast landscapes, lakes, oceans and rivers. Mother Nature & adventure are calling you… are you ready?

Bear Canyon Lake- Camping Onword journeys


  • Reply Alexis May 20, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Beautiful as always, thank you! you have forever elevated my s’mores, lol

    • Reply Stacey Leigh Barnes May 21, 2016 at 6:08 pm

      Alexis, THANK YOU for the s’mores inspiration. Also for the epic camping trip. ?✨

    Lets connect- please share any questions, comments...