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First, I would like to share why this photo above is so special & why I chose to use this picture to illuminate this blog post. This picture was taken at Elisa Romeo & Adam Foleys Soul Barn, we all had just finished recording a couple of vulnerable and transparent podcasts for Holy & Human.  Myself, Elisa, Danica, and Adam were feeling carefree, playful, and connected thru the energic Soul thread of LOVE. This photo radiates each of our souls’ essence.

This post is a vulnerable share about my journey being an Empath. I heard the term of being “empathic” feeling “empathy” but for someone to be an actual empath… was unknown to me. I’ve always considered myself to be extremely sensitive with my emotions and feeling the energy of a room and with people. I have vivid, visceral memories from the young age of 5, going into a room with a lot of people, whether it was a classroom, birthday party family gathering and feeling a lot of different discomforts, often feeling a sense of overwhelm but not sure why?

I was labeled by some as being overly sensitive, I would cry easily and not just for feeling sad but with beautiful moments of love and connection. I could also tell if there was harmony in a room and would feel safe and peaceful. As I’m writing this, it really sounds quite normal for anyone to be in tune with the energetics of a space and this is certainly true.  So, to better describe what an empath feels, I suggest closing your eyes and remember a social gathering or conversations that felt maybe a little off, now imagine and feel that moment in your emotional body times 100%. This is what it feels like to be an Empath.

I wanted to share my awaking to being an empath with the hope that this offers some insight to those who feel so deeply, but are unsure why. Also for those that might have children, friends, family, or spouses that have wondered why are they so sensitive? Why are they so challenged to feel comfortable with people, gatherings, events, etc?

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who have the natural ability to step into the reality of others around them. Most empaths are unaware of their own unique nature and accept anxiety and overwhelm as a natural part of life. This superpower can be a gift of compassion and consciousness-expanding or become a curse of messy boundaries and the ‘disease to please’. – Elisa Romeo

Going back to my younger years I feel my innocence offered soft protection for my sensitivities. The older I got the more difficult it was for me to deal with being so sensitive. I would beat myself up about it, I was confused and labeled myself as socially awkward. In my early teens, my mind really started to make up its own narrative which created unhealthy self-talk and I chose to hide my sensitivities. My Mom was always very understanding, she would hold space for me to share my feelings and acknowledged them. To this day I am so deeply grateful for her courage and trust that my sensitivities are a part of why I am here, it’s what makes me unique, creative and as she would say: “Stacey, it’s ok to go to the beat of your own drum… this is what makes you special”.

With as much support that I had from my Mom, once I was out of the house in social situations, I would find myself getting quiet, feeling unsafe. So, I chose to create a persona that acted like a somewhat of a shield. I was not conscious enough to understand that I was really covering up who I am, I was just doing my best to fit in.  Some of my family and friends might read this and think Stacey is a social butterfly…there is truth in this to some degree, as I designed my persona to be perceived this way externally. I would say from age 12-27 I was in in a state of consistent camouflaging to support me in friendships, with work and all social engagements. What really helped me hone my craft of looking and acting socially acceptable (unshaken) was my career that I started at 12. I began my modeling career in 1992 and oddly enough I felt more comfortable stepping into the unknown of this business; I was working in a very vulnerable career but had to act as if I were stoic. The modeling industry is as blunt as it gets, as we are judged upon our external presence and all of its imperfections.  Important traits required for this industry (like most) is to have good core values, responsibility, time management, and yes, social skill set. I traveled often for castings and bookings and eventually had to drop out of high school because I had too many absences due to my work schedule. So, I was homeschooled for some time, which I loved! Looking back, I really have respect for the career opportunity that was offered and that I stepped into for 17 years. I was able to navigate life a bit easier as I became this moldable persona that could be intentional, have a purpose, and still protect my little sensitive self.  In my early 20’s I married my husband and stopped traveling for work. I noticed not being distracted by my hustle of career, staying local in AZ was a much slower work pace and offered more time to spend with my new family and I started to get to know who I was as a young woman.  All through my 20’s I started to feel my sensitivities bubbling to the surface more often. Maybe it was my less hectic life that offered the space for me to feel more. I did start to realize that I was neglecting my hearts’ truth but wasn’t sure how to stand bravely in it.

At 27 I retired from my modeling career and stripped away a bit of my protective “Stacey persona”.  I went into business with my Mom and started to emerge more as my authentic self, sensitivities and all!  Looking back now, I also had the daily support of my Mom who really encouraged me to embrace my unique essence.  Mom, if your reading this THANK YOU!!!

Fast forward to 2015, I was 35 years old and had been broken open by numerous life experiences thru modeling, being a small business owner, a wife, a stepmom all of which I had lived very externally with the protection of my armor. I was feeling the call to really grow from within asking me to step up, wake up, and get real with myself. I had been working with a therapist for 6 years which was very helpful in allowing myself to feel my feelings but it was hard to leave the sessions and integrate my inner knowing and sensitives into day to day life. As I stripped away my armor, I remember feeling like a newborn coming into this world… I was so intimidated. I struggled balancing being open with my heart and being present with people so raw and real. Add on top of it, without my protective persona I felt EVERYTHING so DEEPLY.

I decided to add additional therapeutic modalities to cultivate my tribe of healers and guides.  I up-leveled therapists and found someone who aligned well with my heart, always reflecting my truth, creating awareness, and self-accountability. I learned how living shielded was holding me back, I needed to allow my self to be true, authentic and continue to grow and evolve from my heart space, not my head.

I also started to work with an incredibly talented energetic bodyworker, Dusti VanTilborg.  We worked together for almost 3 years moving energy thru my body where I stored lots of emotions and life experiences.  Dusti had suggested that I also integrate some Soul work and recommended Elisa Romeo, who guides using her knowledge as a licensed marriage and family therapist along with her psychic abilities. Elisa merges psychology with modern-day mysticism to help reunite with the loving source of your being. Elisa had just published her book Meet Your Soul back in 2015. My husband and I went to Elisa’s book signing, once I meet Elisa, I knew I would be working with her.  I booked a Soul Session with Elisa and this is when all energetics started to click into place for me. Thru our session, I was blown away at how dialed in she was with all my feelings, speaking to me thru my soul’s lens… I felt so seen and understood even though this was a session over the phone. Our session felt like “coming home” as Elisa acknowledged all the loving parts of my essence that I had been keeping hidden and protected. I listened deeply during our session and would often get goosebumps around my truth that she was reflecting to me… then Elisa said, “you are an empath”, I wrote down the word in my notebook.  Elisa explained about being an empath and asked if it resonated with me. I was shocked because not only did it ring true, but I finally felt that I was not broken!!! My sensitivities that I had been struggling with were not something to be fixed or blocked out, they are my inherent gift. To be clear, it was not just Elisa telling me that I am Empath, and I believe it to be true… I FELT into and honestly had a fast life review of visuals shown to me (in about a 2-minute timeframe) showing me flashes of times when I had struggled in socialized environments… feeling other people’s feelings, intentions, heartbreaks, fears, joy, happiness. I realized that the intensity was not always mine but was others.  It’s not bad to be an empath whatsoever but if you don’t know you are one, it can be quite jarring on yourself and those around you.

Empaths tend to be just like sponges; they soak up free-floating pain, fear and desperation from their colleagues, friends and family. That is why, if you are an empath, it is important to “wring out” regularly. This way you have the ability to be clear, focused, inspired and energized for your own life. – Elisa Romeo

I went back to my therapist and shared my session with Elisa and my newfound awareness. My therapist smiled and said, this is what we have been working on all along Stacey. You have experienced intense things in your life, but you need to allow your self to feel them and process, decipher what is yours and what has been projected on to you.  She agreed with Elisa on me being an empath, and really asked me to own it and create healthy boundaries with all in my life. Boundaries was a bit new for me as I was a “people pleaser”.  Bit by bit I added boundaries, I learned to communicate vs hide my feelings and emotions.  I stepped into a new level of self-worth, self-compassion, and self-strength.  The key to all of this has been COMMUNICATION. I choose to keep my heart open to receive guidance, to allow my feelings to exist, and to honor the gift of being an empath.

I hope this share will shed some light; I have a friend who has a teenage daughter that reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. She is most certainly an empath and I have spoken openly to my friend about my journey, I have spoken to her daughter as well and both have found grace with the understanding an Empath.  It’s beautiful to see her daughter shine her heart and learn to have energetic boundaries at her age.  Her mom also understands more, there is a deeper level of heart-knowing and trusting.  Another direct impact in my relationships is with my husband, he holds more compassion and respect as I continue to communicate with full transparency about all that I feel.  He too says that it’s like having a missing puzzle piece put into place, it all clicks together over our 20 years in relationship. As for my Mom, she has always known that there is something unique about me, always trusting her Mother’s intuition. Now knowing about her daughter being an Empath has offered her so much clarity.

I have just recently shared about being an Empath on Elisa’s and her husband Adam’s podcast called Holy and Human. These two Soul guides have become close friends of mine, I have such deep reverence for them both and the guidance they are offering. One of my best girlfriends, Danica is also on the Podcast with me to share her experience of what it’s like to have an Empath as her friend. It is a super fun, Soul flow convo with the 4 of us… enjoy! Please click the play button below to take a listen.

Danica also shared her own personal journey to connecting with her Soul on the Holy & Human Podcast. Danica really offers clear step by step articulation of her experience, its wonderfully direct and relatable. I highly recommend taking a listen to this podcast episode also as it offers so much accessibility to connecting, feeling your Soul.

Sending my love and light to all… 


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Hello all and happy 2020!!! I hope this year is off to an expansive start for everyone.  For me, I have been feeling 2020 calling in transformation and new beginnings… all from within myself.  I started this blog 5 years ago with a passion for travel, finding places to be embraced, to experience adventure and connection.  I found travel to curate new wonder and perspective. I still feel in my heart that the nomadic soul wandering life is aligned for me going forward… but as I dive deeper into my own being, I am choosing to share my personal inward journeys on this platform.

So today is the day I am saying YES, the day that I am choosing to be fully transparent and share from my heart.  Today I am owning that I am enough, that my words, my voice and sharing my inward journeys has purpose.  My writings now are my online journal for all to read, I know there is expansion to come from having the courage to share. If any of my experience resonates with anyone reading this then I believe this platform is being used in service to create connection, relatability and to remind us, that we are not alone.

In 2016 I wrote a blog post about why I choose a word of the year. I wanted to take a moment to revisit how choosing a word of the year has now become my lighthouse. 2020 will be my 9th year choosing a “word of the year”. I first found this mindful and intentional practice from attending a small biz program that my biz partner (my Mom) and I were involved in. We were asked to choose a word of the year for our company… not a word that would create external validation but instead a very internal word, so it would connect and illuminate the heart space of our business. My mom and I were all over it as the creation of our little toffee business was based on the foundation of our LOVE. This simple tool has been so impactful that I shared with my husband, now he and I both choose a new word every year. Also, I have a group of girlfriends who also have joined in on choosing their own words. What’s beautiful about the whole process is that it creates community; we all share our words and our reasoning why we have chosen the word. Then often, my husband’s, my friend’s or my Mom’s words will show up for me… I will stop, pause and receive what is making its way into my consciousness. It always brings a smile and warmth from within as I can feel the energetics of my loved ones with me.  The new word chosen each year supports the existing words, creating building blocks to our own foundational growth.  If you already are choosing a word of the year and this is in your practice, I am honored to connect with you and would love to hear your word for 2020. I would love to hear why you chose it, or did the word chose you? If this is new to you “welcome”, please join in and see/feel how choosing 1 word a year can shift your perspective and build new awareness.

My word for 2020 is “Interiority” which really is quite fitting as I am shifting my blog writings from external travels to my personal inward journeys.  Interiority is Psychological existence. Inner Being. The quality of being interior or inward. This word found me back in early Nov 2019. I came across it on an IG story and instantly was drawn it! Honestly, I had never heard of Interiority before. I took a snapshot of the IG post on my phone so I wouldn’t forget the word, then I looked up the definition and BAM, I knew that was my word.  As a matter of fact, I went into work that day and told my Mom, I have my word for 2020! She eagerly said, well… “what is it”? I shared my word with her… she too had never heard of Interiority before. And yet once I communicated with her what it means and how it “feels” to me, she and I both knew this word found me with “purpose” … FYI, purpose is my Mom’s word for this year.

Engineering the outside world can create comfort and convenience.  Only engineering your interiority can create wellbeing. – Sadhguru

Journal entry- Jan 17th, 2020: To start off my inward journal writings, I’d like to share about my ongoing personal healing journeys.  For about 12 years I have been seeing a therapist to support the strong pull I was receiving to go within, to find and believe in my core values and self-worth, qualities I had lost in my early 20’s. From working with my therapist, I have a deeper understanding of myself by diving into my feelings, sharing openly and without judgment. Also, letting go of old limited self-beliefs, lack of self-respect. By navigating my family origins and relationships I continue to find spaces to heal and wounds awaiting to be seen and nurtured. I am working on accepting myself for the first time as whole even with all my flaws. So much of this is like finding breadcrumbs to a path being shown bit by bit. Though the inward navigation isn’t always easy, I have received massive awakenings finding my way back to me. This process has asked me to remain open to the unknown, not allowing fear to keep me small as it once did.  This is an ongoing evolution journey for me, it’s somewhat of a dance where I will miss-step, stumble and forget. Having a supportive partner like a therapist, coach or guide to hold the space and reflect assists in remembering and find my way back to my authentic self. I’ve always been extremely sensitive, my own emotions easily would surface, and I can feel other people’s emotions deeply, I never quite understood all the “feels” that I embodied. As I got older, I would try to hide my emotions and sensitivities just so I could fit in and not feel so deeply. So much of my uniqueness and gifts had been covered up or numbed by my choosing to do so.  I created armor to be protected, to not be fully seen, all because of my own insecurities and miss-judgment of myself. There is much more I will be share and more to come to my next journal entry.

Inward supportive Tools: I feel that podcasts are a wonderful resource to support growth and to become inspired. Podcasts are full of honest and real conversations with people sharing about their induvial life journeys and knowledge. Below I’m sharing one of my favorite Podcasts by my best friend, Danica Patrick. If you are looking for an inspiring podcast, I highly suggest subscribing to Danica’s Pretty Intense Podcast and enjoy all that comes thru. Link to subscribe to Pretty Intense Podcast:

Danica birthed Pretty Intense Podcast into this world in 2019. Her podcast is full of immersive convos full of wisdom shares, fitness/health education, mental wellness, spiritual growth, music medicine, astrophysics, and astrology. Among Danica’s guests that she interviews are Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gloria Steinem, Trevor Hall, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gabby Reese, Aaron Rodgers and, Debra Silverman! Seriously, there is a vast broad spectrum of wisdom shares that is so connective for everyone.  One of Danica’s superpowers is TRUTH. She has the innate ability to see, feel and share the truth, whether it’s her truth or those around her… it certainly can feel “Pretty Intense”! Danica is also the first to admit that she is on this ongoing evolution journey with us, learning, healing and growing. It’s why she created her Podcast so she can receive guidance, education from her incredible guests and share with us all. Her truth superpower also lights up my truth, she can always sense if I’m playing small. She will also call forward my truth, really creating an activation within me to stretch outside of my comfort zone! I will say this… Danica is one of my igniters who is helping me shift communication to just those who are in my “small circle” to expand with everyone. To give me a little push, Danica had the idea to have me on her podcast, not to be interviewed but for us to share our open heart, soul flow conversations.  Boy, not only was I honored to be invited on her Podcast, but I found a way to speak using my true voice, disconnected from fear and filters. Danica literally flipped on a light switch for me and well, I’m choosing to stay bright, to stay connected and to not hide in my little safe cocoon. In our soul flow convos Danica and I share about our life, day to day challenges, what’s been hard for us and how we find inner strength and clarity thru growth, vulnerability during transitional times.

To wrap up this post, I’d like to thank you all for your support and patience as I’m finding way during this auspicious time.  I have a vision to fully transform OnWord Journeys into a healing online portal with the intention for community connection. Not sure how or when the full rebirthing will happen but I’m going at my own pace, to make sure that the vision I have is rooted in authenticity and aligned with divine timing.

My OnWord Journey shares are coming from within, beyond and my actual life journeys… a balance and blend of my soul guidance along with my human experience.  My goal in shifting OnWord Journeys to my interior shares is to offer a holistic perspective that is connective, igniting and healing.  I am elated to be taking this next step in my life and doing so with all of you, as we all are on our own unique journeys inward and onward…

With Abundant Love & Light,


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Jackson Hole, WY

Onward to Jackson Hole, WY winter wonderland! Jackson Hole with its rustic charm, embraced my heart, tantalized my taste buds and brought out the wildlife enthusiast in me!  My husband Ben and I took a road trip from Big Sky, MT, thru Yellow Stone, into Idaho, then thru the breath-taking Teton Pass…ultimately ending at our destination, Jackson Hole.  What a beautiful & adventurous 3 hour drive it was! Winter road conditions were present, though it was slow to go, the safe pace allowed us to really take our time and soak up the vast and mesmerizing landscape.   In this post, I will introduce you to a new mountain luxury, “family owned” boutique hotel. Scrumptious local restaurants where “soul” is the common ingredient used. A journey to The National Elk Refuge & conservation, and lastly our experience down the steep and deep terrain of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Whether you are looking for the authentic vibe of the historic western town or deep connection in Mother Nature…I hope this post will guide you to the amazing local places found off the beaten path of tourism.

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Big Sky Winter Journeys

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope 2017 is feeling wonderfully expansive,  supportive & wildly intentional for an amazing year ahead! I just returned home from a snowy vacation full of Big Sky, Montana exploration and some much-needed restorative down time.  Ringing in the New Year in unchartered land for me offers expansion and openness to dream into the unknown. This New Year’s Eve, I decided to go to Montana during the winter for the first time and oh what a wintry wonderland journey it was…

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Summer HeyDay memories

With December’s cold weather brewing and the New Year upon us, I’d like to share a warm summer journey intended to inspire travels for 2017. Back in late July, a fellow soul sister, Dusti, and I journeyed to Bainbridge Island, WA for a weekend Heart Awaking workshop created by Elisa Romeo.  Having never been to Bainbridge before I was excited to start the search for place to stay during our soul connective retreat.  After spending a day navigating the web I found a charming historic farm called Heyday

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Beautiful…what does this word mean to you? In our society, beauty is seen thru external perfected imagery.  From airbrushed models in magazines, to perfectly casted commercials and flawlessly edited social media posts.  It’s no wonder how beauty has become defined by outward appearance.  My question is this, “How do we take off our tainted lenses of preconceived external acceptance and see the true beauty illuminating within each of us?” Continue Reading…

Big Sky Glamping

What are your thoughts on camping?  How about gathering around a crackling fire, connecting with friends/loved ones thru good conversation under the starlit sky…sounds of the flowing river soothing your soul?  Imagine adding a little juxtaposition to your camping adventure with luxurious comforts that feature a big canvas tent with a private wooden deck overlooking the Black Foot River.  Inside your large tent awaits a plush king bed, cozy sitting area and a full private bathroom with heated floors, spacious shower and two sinks.  Electricity to offer light and connectivity with your mobile devices (if you choose) seals the deal. Then falling asleep listening to Mother Nature’s lullabies and awaken to the sun illuminating your tent with a soft glow and warmth.  No need to grocery shop and load up a cooler, in this juxtaposed camping journey your meals are prepared by your private camp chef using organic and locally sourced produce.  How does all this sound? Too good to be true?  This experience does exist and has a name, it’s called…Glamping!  The first luxury ranch resort to actually create and offer this rustic yet luxurious glamping experience is called The Resort at Paws UPThe Last Best PlaceRiver Camp Pavilion- Paws Up- Onwordjourneys

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Glacier National Park, MT

“Awe-inspiring” and picturesque photos of Glacier National Park have been flowing thru my Instagram feed this year. One mesmerizing photo after another have been coming thru, month after month… I knew my soul journey to Montana needed to happen soon.  Though my husband and I had never been to Montana before, we could hear Montana beckoning us.  We’re both small business owners in the Phoenix valley, during the summer months each of us experience a decline in business, especially with my company.  We’ve turned this “down time” into our opportunity to travel and get out of the AZ heat.  While doing my research on places to explore and stay in Montana, I found an amazing place called Paws Up where you can experience “glamping”, basically lux camping … more on this gem coming up in my next blog post.

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L’Auberge de Sedona

I wanted to share one of my all-time favorite luxury boutique hotels – L’Auberge de SedonaI’ve had the pleasure to stay at L’Auberge resort 3 times with my husband…it’s a luxurious investment for my mind, body and soul. 

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Journey to Peru

My journey to the sacred land of Peru ignited a deeper passion for travel and self expansion for me.  I experienced a spiritual awakening  as I met the loving, kind souls native to Peru; hiking the land, visiting the ruins and learning about the ancient mythology of the Incas.  Pachamama  (Earth/Mother- is the goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes)  holds a healing energy that I hope all who are being called can journey to & embrace.

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