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Camping- Bear Canyon Lake, AZ

I have been a fan of camping ever since I was a little one. Spending time in Mother Nature has always offered grounding space & a place to connect with myself and loved ones.  I believe camping brings us into our full consciousness; by connecting thru conversation around the camp fire, reading a good book under a canopy of trees or journaling in the tent.  These connective spaces offer deep peace, quieting the busy “monkey mind” and can create expansion from within.

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Carmel Boutique Inn & Big Sur Hike

If you love charming & eclectic but also lux amenities… then this post on a charismatic boutique Inn is for you.  Last year I was looking for a Northern CA vacation, I found a wonderful boutique B&B called, the Vagabond’s House Inn located in Carmel, CA.  When I came across The Vagabond’s House Inn website, a picture of a re-modeled room flashed on their homepage site… that was it, I was intrigued and researched deeper.  After reading various great reviews on the Inn, I eagerly decided to book our stay at the Vagabond.

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Gift of Aromatherapy, Blessings and Inspiration

soul essance-3I recently received the most purposeful, heartfelt gift full of abundance, protection and cleansing properties.  One of my very dear friends hosted a beautiful dinner party and made these little gift bags for all of the guests to take home.  The bags were filled with fresh herbs from her garden- aromatic cinnamon sticks, Juniper berries and an orange.  Also included were 2 note cards, 1st card described each of the ingredients & the energy contained.  2nd card included instructions.

I awoke the next morning, excited to use the gift and fill my home with the aromatic essence. I put a pot of water on the stove and plopped in the herbs, cinnamon & berries. I zested the orange over the pot; instantly I was invigorated from the fresh citrus zest!  Per the instructions, I peeled the orange and indulged.  Such a beautiful way to start the morning… throughout the day I was embraced with the crisp, earthy aromas dancing around my home and calming my energy.  The love and attention to detail in this gift from the heart will be with me always. Such a simple, caring & thoughtful way to engage friends and family.  

Whether using this idea as a gift, aromatherapy in your own home or traveling, I have found that it creates a priceless journey offering eternal connection. Thank you Amanda for the beautiful gift filled with blessings and inspiration. 

“Abundance is not something we require. Its something we tune into”- Wayne Dyer

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Sedona “hidden gem” inn & beautiful hiking trails

Mimic fireplace

Sedona has a special place in my heart; my soul is immediately connected once I arrive in the majestic Red Rocks.  I have been coming to Sedona for 15 years to offer connection to myself, my hubby and with family and friends.  The energy in Sedona is so special, grounding and uplifting.  I will be sharing lots of places, some of which include beautiful hikes to cozy, modern lodges and hotels, to yummy local restaurants.  For this post, I’d like to share my most recent journey to the healing Red Rocks for a quick but super potent 48 hour soul connecting vacation with my husband and Ellie May, our boxer pup.

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Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs is a small and exclusive resort nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies. Dunton is a restored ghost town that is beautifully rustic, yet doesn’t fall short on the amenities, from luxurious bed linens to scrumptious fresh meals made with locally sourced produce and meats.  Add to the list Duntons therapeutic mineral Hot Springs located on the property, and its pure magic!

Dunton is a soul nurturing place to unwind and disconnect from busy lives. So much to do to embrace nature and have nature embrace you… From hiking, fly-fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking to enjoying a hot spring mineral soak under the stars. Dunton is perfect for a romantic getaway or family retreat, you will leave feeling refreshed, nurtured and connected.

Dunton Hot Springs:

“We might assume that long before miners first eased their weary bones into Dunton Hot Springs the Ute Indians, roaming their summer hunting grounds, lazed in the restoring waters.”- Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton -Lunch

Dunton Hot Springs has a special place in my heart, I can’t recommend it enough! Dunton also has a new Boutique property located in Telluride, a 5 bedroom historic home called Dunton Town House, click this link: to read all about my journey to DTH.

Enjoy your journeys inward and onward…

With love, light & gratitude,