In Remembrance

Honoring those who have sacrificed their lives & freedoms for our own.

Today I wanted to share a business that supports and honors our military troops and spouses. R. Riveter American Handmade bags are a business filled with heart and honorable intention.  So what is it that is so special about these American handcrafted bags?

R.Riveter is owned by Military spouses. It provides portable careers to Military spouses who produce their quality handbags and purses. 

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There are so many incredible core values behind R. Riveter. From the thoughtfully hand crafted bags to the mission & purpose behind the business. Also creating & activating the entrepreneurial spirit… I could go on and on.  I can honestly feel the pride, heart, and soul that was sewn into my bag.  Every R. Riveter handbag bears the mark of the Military spouse who assembled it + every Military spouse has a unique story of strength + determination to tell.  My bag was crafted by #RR023 – Hilary from Camp Merrill, GA. Thank you Hilary!!! My R. Riveter bag is with me everyday offering protection for my valued items, and makes the most comfy sweatpants look stylish.  There is purity & purpose in these bags that you can’t put a price tag on.  This is a full circle opportunity to offer support for our troop spouses, create job sustainability, cultivate creativity, empower and build community.

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“R. Riveter represents the fortitude of the American spirit- the legacy & strength of those who have come before us”- R. Riveter

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Each R. Riveter bag embarks on a journey across the country before finding herself delivered to your doorstep. Every part and piece that goes into your new American Handmade bag – from the hand-stitched liner to the hand cut leather – is crafted and secured by different Military Spouse Riveters stationed coast to coast.” – R. Riveter

With much gratitude & deep honor… keep shining R. Riveter and continue your journey onward.

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