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I am so excited to share one of my favorite mystical places to journey… Tulum, Mexico!  I first experienced Tulum 3 years ago on a yoga retreat with my husband Ben, not only did we fall in love with the land and the Mayan culture, energetically we shifted and evolved.   I recently went back to Tulum in February with my soul sister for some restorative vacation time. We stayed at the beautiful  BE Tulum, a boutique hotel that has been on my dream list to experience.  We arrived in the evening to check in and were enveloped with the calming and cleansing smoke of Copal, walking up the sand pathway with candle light glistening in the trees and the crisp smell of the ocean air. Yes, we had arrived in paradise.

After my February trip, I came home and said to Ben, “we need to go back”! One of the local yoga instructors, Alessandra Montana had shared with my girlfriend and myself to come back to Tulum during the full moon.  Alessandra mentioned the potency of the fluid water energy that Tulum carries, combined with the illuminating full moon, makes for an unforgettable journey inward.  That was all I needed to hear, I knew I would be back within a month or two.  I checked my lunar calendar and April 10th & 11th was the full moon. I reached out to BE Tulum as I knew that is where I wanted to stay with Ben, plus I wanted to share BE Tulum on my blog. So here it is…my Journeys to Tulum!

I’ve decided to write less and let the photos share the stories and magical essence of Tulum. This little one road bohemian town will completely embrace & support you in just “BE”ing yourself.  www.betulum.com

List of my favorite restaurants, boutiques and Yoga studios will be listed below the photos… Enjoy the journey inward and onward my friends…

Be Tulum Room #36

“The Be Tulum Hotel has been created with all the charm and the quiet of nature captured in 40 exclusive suites between the tropical forest, white sand and the sea.”- www.betulum.com

Be Tulum Culinary Journeys: 

All of the restaurants located at Be are incredible! Such a treat to be able to stay at your hotel and have an exceptional culinary fare that is fresh, healthy and sure to tantalize your taste buds!

“Fresh and nutritious breakfast is included daily with your stay at Be Tulum. All of the food we had at BE is AMAZING.” -Stacey



One of the many things a Love about Tulum is that you can walk or ride a bike to all the restaurants, boutiques & yoga studios on the only road in Tulum, canopied by the jungle vegetation.  Be Tulum Hotel includes bikes in your stay, an awesome amenity to have! I actually think most hotels include bikes but good to double check.

“The Tulum beach strip is a small road that runs the length of the beach and leads you to the arch, which is the access to the Sian Ka’an biosphere. You can find accommodation on both the beach side and across the road. This area has a very relaxed, bohemian feel to it. Almost everything is accessible on foot in the main area, and bicycles are available for rent.” –www.tulum.com


Yäan Wellness Energy Spa is located just across the street from Be Tulum. The spa offers healing water therapy, body treatments, such as massages, sweat lodge treatments, and Mayan therapies.

Yäan Wellness was born from the magic of Tulum, Mexico. It is a center of wellness and healing where you will find your inner and outer beauty in the integration of mind, body and soul. From the moment you pass the burning flame, you will be immersed in the elements of fire, air, water, and wood and feel at peace with its elegant and organic design, which respects the flow of nature in both space and time.” – www.yaanwellness.com

Full Moon Yoga/ Sound Healing located at Sanara:

Full moon flow and sound bath guided by the beautiful soul embodied, Alessandra Montana. Alessandra teaches yoga at both Yaan Wellness, where we initially meet her and at Sanara, oceanfront yoga studio.

“Sanara hotel features a spectacular beach-appointed Yoga Studio, a world-class Wellness Center, and highly acclaimed The Real Coconut Restaurant.” – www.www.sanaratulum.com

Highly recommended Tulum restaurants:

Simple: www.simpletulum.com Being simple is a luxury. For us simplicity is about being aware of small details, going back to the origins, the organic and natural things, flavors from our childhood, food prepared with love, family moments, the great memories from our trips. We choose a relaxed lifestyle, easy, surrounded by nature, in family. The best things in life happen when you share. So simple! – Simple

Heartwood: www.hartwoodtulum.com  All cooking is done by open fire within our hand made wood burning oven and grill. Every single ingredient that we touch is deeply rooted within Mundo Maya. We harvest and source our colorful, exotic produce from communal Maya farms called Milpas, where we work with the local community daily. Hartwood Tulum is a proud participant in the DIF Program, working to alleviate hunger in Mexico’s rural areas. – Heartwood

Casa Jaguar: ww.casajaguartulum.com  Our restaurant embraces the essence of life in the jungle and the Caribbean. Fresh ingredients, tropical flavors, and a delicious mix of Mexican style… – Casa Jaguar

Mur Mur: www.murmurtulum.com Mur Mur’s concept is based on the authenticity of Mexican cuisine. Focusing only in the resources offered by the Yucatan Peninsula and turning them into original and provocative dishes. – Mur Mur

Sanara: www.sanara.com Sanará’s beach restaurant The Real Coconut is dedicated to all that is conscious living and follows our foundational health & wellness philosophy that plants form the key to our vitality and that gut health and digestion are paramount to optimum well being. – Sanara

Posada Margheritawww.posadamargherita.com Italian restaurant scrumptious food and romantic setting, get there early as there can be a wait and ask for a table on the beach.

Raw Love Cafe: www.facebook.com/RawLoveTulum Gourmet Raw Vegan Food, in Tulum Beach. All gluten Free, Superfoods, Acai bowls, Healing shots and Elyxirs. Juice Detox Programs, Retreat Catering. – Raw LOVE

Be Tulum: betulum.com/cuisine Full moon, starry skies, exotic flavors, nature all around, the sound of waves, candlelight, exquisite wine and much more are to be enjoyed in our restaurant located a few steps from the ocean.
Our restaurant open for breakfast lunch & dinner. – Be Tulum

Local Tulum Boutiques:

Lolita Lolita: www.facebook.com/lolitalolitatulum LOLITA LOLITA TULUM is a concept that integrates beauty not only on the physical level but on the emotional level too. TIPStop by Lolita Lolita to buy some Copal resin and incense to take home with you. They carry the best Copal!

Wanderlust Boutique: www.facebook.com/Wanderlust-tulum 

Caravana: caravana.land/tulum Deep within the jungle of Tulum the CARAVANA flagship rises, drawing its inspiration from the mysticism and energy of the Mayan earth and culture – the culprit to the brand’s unique aesthetic and identity.

Sending gratitude to Be Tulum, Yäan Wellness Spa and the beautiful Tulum community & land for the soul welcoming & embracing journeys… I can’t wait to return. 

Be Tulum: www.betulum.com

Yäan Wellness:  www.yaanwellness.com

Alessandra Montana- Tulum Yoga teacher: www.lovewarriors.com/alessandra

With Love and gratitude,


Sophie’s Place

Music…what does it invoke in you? What feelings & emotions awaken when listening, singing or playing a musical instrument? For me, music takes me inward to a place where my heart and soul reside. Music ignites joy, laughter, and a sense of playful freedom.  Music also has been scientifically proven to assist in the healing of the mind & body through various musical modalities. 

This blog post is on my recent journey to the opening of Sophie’s Place at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, AZ.  Sophie’s Places are dedicated music therapy facilities built within children’s hospitals assisting in caring for young people suffering from pain, chronic illness, and serious injury. 

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Winter Journeys Continued…

Onward to Jackson Hole, WY winter wonderland! Jackson Hole with its rustic charm, embraced my heart, tantalized my taste buds and brought out the wildlife enthusiast in me!  My husband Ben and I took a road trip from Big Sky, MT, thru Yellow Stone, into Idaho, then thru the breath-taking Teton Pass…ultimately ending at our destination, Jackson Hole.  What a beautiful & adventurous 3 hour drive it was! Winter road conditions were present, though it was slow to go, the safe pace allowed us to really take our time and soak up the vast and mesmerizing landscape.   In this post, I will introduce you to a new mountain luxury, “family owned” boutique hotel. Scrumptious local restaurants where “soul” is the common ingredient used. A journey to The National Elk Refuge & conservation, and lastly our experience down the steep and deep terrain of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Whether you are looking for the authentic vibe of the historic western town or deep connection in Mother Nature…I hope this post will guide you to the amazing local places found off the beaten path of tourism.

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Big Sky Winter Journeys

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope 2017 is feeling wonderfully expansive,  supportive & wildly intentional for an amazing year ahead! I just returned home from a snowy vacation full of Big Sky, Montana exploration and some much-needed restorative down time.  Ringing in the New Year in unchartered land for me offers expansion and openness to dream into the unknown. This New Year’s Eve, I decided to go to Montana during the winter for the first time and oh what a wintry wonderland journey it was…

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Summer HeyDay memories

With December’s cold weather brewing and the New Year upon us, I’d like to share a warm summer journey intended to inspire travels for 2017. Back in late July, a fellow soul sister, Dusti, and I journeyed to Bainbridge Island, WA for a weekend Heart Awaking workshop created by Elisa Romeo.  Having never been to Bainbridge before I was excited to start the search for place to stay during our soul connective retreat.  After spending a day navigating the web I found a charming historic farm called Heyday

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Beautiful…what does this word mean to you? In our society, beauty is seen thru external perfected imagery.  From airbrushed models in magazines, to perfectly casted commercials and flawlessly edited social media posts.  It’s no wonder how beauty has become defined by outward appearance.  My question is this, “How do we take off our tainted lenses of preconceived external acceptance and see the true beauty illuminating within each of us?” Continue Reading…

Big Sky Glamping

What are your thoughts on camping?  How about gathering around a crackling fire, connecting with friends/loved ones thru good conversation under the starlit sky…sounds of the flowing river soothing your soul?  Imagine adding a little juxtaposition to your camping adventure with luxurious comforts that feature a big canvas tent with a private wooden deck overlooking the Black Foot River.  Inside your large tent awaits a plush king bed, cozy sitting area and a full private bathroom with heated floors, spacious shower and two sinks.  Electricity to offer light and connectivity with your mobile devices (if you choose) seals the deal. Then falling asleep listening to Mother Nature’s lullabies and awaken to the sun illuminating your tent with a soft glow and warmth.  No need to grocery shop and load up a cooler, in this juxtaposed camping journey your meals are prepared by your private camp chef using organic and locally sourced produce.  How does all this sound? Too good to be true?  This experience does exist and has a name, it’s called…Glamping!  The first luxury ranch resort to actually create and offer this rustic yet luxurious glamping experience is called The Resort at Paws UPThe Last Best PlaceRiver Camp Pavilion- Paws Up- Onwordjourneys

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Glacier National Park, MT

“Awe-inspiring” and picturesque photos of Glacier National Park have been flowing thru my Instagram feed this year. One mesmerizing photo after another have been coming thru, month after month… I knew my soul journey to Montana needed to happen soon.  Though my husband and I had never been to Montana before, we could hear Montana beckoning us.  We’re both small business owners in the Phoenix valley, during the summer months each of us experience a decline in business, especially with my company.  We’ve turned this “down time” into our opportunity to travel and get out of the AZ heat.  While doing my research on places to explore and stay in Montana, I found an amazing place called Paws Up where you can experience “glamping”, basically lux camping … more on this gem coming up in my next blog post.

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L’Auberge de Sedona

I wanted to share one of my all-time favorite luxury boutique hotels – L’Auberge de SedonaI’ve had the pleasure to stay at L’Auberge resort 3 times with my husband…it’s a luxurious investment for my mind, body and soul. 

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Journey to Peru

My journey to the sacred land of Peru ignited a deeper passion for travel and self expansion for me.  I experienced a spiritual awakening  as I met the loving, kind souls native to Peru; hiking the land, visiting the ruins and learning about the ancient mythology of the Incas.  Pachamama  (Earth/Mother- is the goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes)  holds a healing energy that I hope all who are being called can journey to & embrace.

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