Take Care- Sadie Adams

Self-care… This post is a bit of a pivot from my regular travel posts and to be honest; I am feeling that I will be writing/sharing more of my personal inward journeys along with my passion for travel on this platform. For me, sharing openly creates a space for truth, vulnerability, and I hope curates some relatability & resonance for others. In this blog post, I’m sharing about how I found the importance of self-care and how essential it is that we all hold space for our individual self-care practices.  And here’s what I have discovered, our individual self-care journeys are an ongoing process, we are always growing, evolving, expanding, stepping deeper into the unknown abyss of our very being. I feel the messaging coming thru is to shine our true selves with empathetic compassion and transcending love.

Inward Navigation: Very much a part of my inward navigation is working with an experienced support system of guides.  For me, this includes my therapist, for my psychological wellbeing, my soul guide who offers the guidance to connect with my heart-centered knowing, and working with energy healers. I have found a wonderful team that I work with on a consistent basis to assist in my healing, releasing, growth and expansion in all areas of my present being… integrating my mind, body, Soul and higher conscious self.

Take Care- Sadie Adams: I’m so excited to share about a beautiful supportive space and person who offers healing modalities and energetic work for sacred self-care.  2 years ago, I started to work with Sadie Adams who facilitates therapeutic energetic consciousness integrations.  Sadie offers her healing sessions thru Energetic Facials, Craniosacral Therapy, TMJ massage, and her Wisdom Transmissions. To be clear, Sadie’s facials are not your typical facials. This is simply just one way she works with your energetic field; she also uses microcurrent technology to work deep into our physical, molecular and cellular levels.  I have worked with Saide three times and each has been more potent, transformational and shifting from one to the next.  In this post, I am sharing about my most recent session with Sadie at her new Venice, CA Take Care location on the infamous Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Sadie Adams is the founder of Take Care in New York City and Los Angeles. Her studies in anatomy at the School for Body-Mind Centering™, in Ayurveda and yoga therapy at the Ayurvedic Institute have led her to focus on regenerative therapies. Sadie has been sharing her insights on movement and consciousness over the last 20 years, calling on science, technology, ancient wisdom and intuitive awareness to support healing and increase human capacities. Her community of clients and practitioners greatly influence her work. She feels that conscious relating, sensitivity and presence are essential in the process of transformation and development. – Take Care Website

Take Care: Sadie has opened two locations of Take Care; she works & lives bi-costal.  Take Care flagship Storefront is located in NYC and her new 2nd Take Care is located in Venice, CA. Sadie has an incredibly skilled team working with her, Sarah Clark & Marina Trejo in NYC; Moe Smith and Sonia Vargas in LA, along with her sister, Tess Adams who also works and lives bi-costal.  I booked my session with Sadie about two months ago and from the moment I received confirmation,  I could already feel her mystical energy dancing with mine. My appointment was on a Monday, so many sensations were flowing thru, excitement to see the new space, anticipation for the work that was going to come thru, and true restorative peace that is always the foundational energetic thread of Sadie’s work. I arrived along with my two girlfriends that joined me, who also had booked sessions with Sadie for that afternoon. Once we entered Take Care, I instantly felt the serenity. The lighting is soft, with natural light filtering thru skylights. The walls are painted white with a subtle rose hue that feels like your being held in such a nurturing way. The back bar is beautifully finished with copper counters and backsplash which not only is aesthetically pleasing but I believe also works as a conductor for grounding energy.  Sadie’s vison and essence were felt in every aspect of Take Care… the best way for me to describe the studio is like being embraced within a nurturing womb space.

Sadie’s Facial: When I entered the treatment space, I noticed the bed was draped with linen blankets and the floor beneath was covered with soft, plush sheepskin rugs. I could see her microcurrent machine, along with her Take Care products, a vase of roses and intrinsic hand fan as the backdrop. I laid face up on the bed, closed my eyes and remained open & ready to receive.  The session first started with Sadie asking “what is my intention“, she then worked with my energetic field thru Embodied touch templating. Thru a series of soft touches on my face, neck and crown chakra I felt my energy moving & shifting. With subtle sensations moving thru my body, I naturally went into a place of surrender, as there is no room for your mind to make sense of what the real experience is taking place. I would describe the session more like therapy, not a lot of speaking verbally but enough to integrate the energy healing with your higher conscious self. There is so much more to share from working with Sadie but what comes thru is this…  if this energetic healing work is of interest to you, if you are feeling drawn to the experience, don’t second guess. Just head over to the Take Care website and book your session. Allow all to flow thru you saying “yes”.  It’s that simple and straightforward.

“ We treat on the basis of supportive regenerations. Regeneration means this moment of rebirthing—realizing we grew ourselves and that we have that medicine inside of us. How we get behind that so that the cells become aware of themselves in a new way, so that the client becomes aware of themselves in a new way. We’re clearing all of the judgment. Just to get to that place of self-acceptance and love.”- Sadie Adams, Founder of Take Care

Recommendation: book your session with Sadie on a Monday afternoon. Monday evenings Sadie holds Groundspace meditation circle at Take Care (Venice, CA location), which is a wonderful way to finish and continue the integration of the energetic work.  Abbot Kinney Blvd is a street full of shops and high vibe eateries you could certainly spend some time before or after walking down the eccentric pathway. The Beach is a short walk as well, the ocean is always offering supportive flow.  I’m based out of AZ, so when I’m working with Sadie in person, I drive out and create a little self-care vaca out of the journey. There are some awesome Airbnb’s in Venice, so I highly recommend looking on the app for places to stay. 

Q & A with Sadie: I asked Sadie some questions for her to share thru her own words a bit about herself, her background in Ayurvedic medicine, Take Care and her own Self-care Practice.

1. What inspired /called you to create Take Care? Take Care has been a beacon. I was immersed in self-care culture at the Ayurvedic Institute when I was a yoga teacher (in the 90s!) To communicate the style of therapeutic movement and meditation practices I was working with I used the term that I was learning most about, branding Take Care Yoga. I launched a harm reduction workshop around NYC in 2002 called Take Care Yoga for the forelegs and feet to address repetitive stress issues arising from the fashionable use of high heel shoes. I became an educator in esthetics in 2005 and opened my own practice in 2007 I kept the name of my ongoing study, TAKECARE and it still serves as a reminder for me to prioritize self-care.

2. When & where did you first open Take Care? First storefront opened in 2009 on Saint Marks Place, NYC.

3. What drew you to becoming bi-coastal with Take Care? I had come to LA a few times to support clients during awards season and my work was warmly received here. I would come out to get some nature time to surf and work. It was a pretty good lifestyle and many of our clients are Bi-Coastal.

4. At what age were you first drawn to ayurvedic medicine? I was 20.

5. How do you apply ayurvedic medicine into your facials and energetic healing? The first facial I had was from Dr. Lad when I modeled for the facial Marma point demo!

Havening studied ayurvedic medicine at a young age, I feel it is the window through which I see so much of my professional career. 

Mostly, I was influenced by sitting with the Doctor himself. I learned so much from his presence and his teaching style.

6. How does your energetic healing serve within the emotional body & physical body? So much depends on the person AND the intention they bring in for the session.

7. Please share about your microcurrent facial: It is an amazing electrical facial! its adapotgentic integrative and healing. No cause for micro-injury!

8. Can you please share what a Wisdom Transmission session cultivates: The intention for wisdom Transmission is basically to support a client in becoming clear about what their intention is and how they are going to choose to work with their intention as an organizing factor for their motor actions. The name speaks to the experience of one becoming clear and working with the wisdom of one’s soul. Each one of us has a unique way of interpreting our connection with nature. As such, the transmissions tend to have personality influence and variance until the wisdom of love is all that is apparent. The sessions can help this love integrate in ways that are practical and grounded.

9. Thru my Wisdom transmission session with you, you worked with me on having sovereignty over my energetic filed, can you please share more on the importance of our energic awareness? Clarifying choices in both perception and participation is a worthwhile endeavor in these times. Managing one’s body and kinesphere can help one to better understand how one is being influenced in any given scenario. 

10. Self-care, what is your daily practice? Most importantly to eat when I am hungry and choose over and over again to be kind and patient.

11. How did you become in tune with your authentic pathway to living and guiding with your heart’s purpose? This phenomenon can happen in any line of work with humility and gratitude.

12. What guidance would you offer to those feeling the call to step deeper into their heart’s purpose? Cultivate awareness about how one is being influenced – see the answer to question 9!  

13. Please share any heart guidance that’s coming thru… the mystery the mystery the mystery become comfy with the great mystery

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy- the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” – Brené Brown

I hope this post might offer some interest or intrigue into your own sacred self-care journeys.  As we all are all on our own unique paths, I feel it’s important to know that we are not alone, and we don’t have to navigate thru our individual contrast work solo.  We are all here to share, connect and support each other. I’m am so grateful to my family & friends and to all of you who stay connected thru OnWord Journeys.  Because of this synergy of acceptance & support, I feel comfortable to share more vulnerability. As I am writing now, I am finding a deeper purpose in this platform and self-expression is creating the opening of my next chapter.  We will see as the journey unfolds, as Sadie would say… “the mystery, the mystery, the mystery, become comfy with the great mystery”.

**Photo credits: to my two radiant soul sisters, Stephanie & Danica.** 

With Love & Light,


Connective Links:

Take Care: www.takecarebody.com

Take Care Venice, CA address: www.takecarebody.com/venice

GroundSpace Meditation Circle: www.takecarebody.com/groundspacemeditation

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Insta: @takecare.bodymind @electricsadieland

Airbnb Venice, CA: www.airbnb.com/s/Venice

Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA: www.abbotkinneyblvd.com


Sundance, UT

Hard to believe this is my first blog post for 2019… My intention is to use this platform authentically and share when I am truly inspired.  So here I am writing in July just a couple of days after our (myself, Ben and our boxer pup, Sophie) journey to Sundance, UT.  Sundance has been on my dream list of places to experience for at least 10 years.  I’ve always been intrigued by Robert Redford’s curated Sundance Mountain Resort set amongst the imperial Mt. Timpanogos. A few years ago, during one of my deep dive searches on VRBO, I came across an enchanted cottage rental in the Sundance area called the Wee Cottage.  This year I had reached out to the locally family/owned rental company; Stewart Mountain Lodging that manages the Wee Cottage to see if they would be interested in working with me to be featured on my blog. A few days later I received a phone call from Wyatt Davis inquiring more about myself, OnWord Journeys and to see if a collaboration would be in alignment. Wyatt and I instantly connected on our family businesses, as he works with his mom, Vicki at Stewart Mountain Lodging and I work with my mom, Donna with our toffee company, Goodytwos. Wyatt & and I both reminisced about being able to work with our talented mothers and we also realized we both have a passion for photography and travel.  Wyatt went on to share about Stewart Mountain Lodging, the variety of cabin rentals that they offer and the Stewart family history in the Utah, Provo Canyon.  I truly love finding gems to experience & share which have history and a story. I’m beyond thrilled to share our journey to Sundance, UT along with the Stewart’s family roots that run deep in the area dating back to the late 1890’s.

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Dream…What does this word ignite within you? Does dreaming feel like a fantasy; or does “dream” cultivate a spark of inspiration? For me dreaming feels open, fluid and expansive, which is why I chose DREAM to be my word of the year for 2018.  It’s been 8 years since I started choosing a “Word of The Year” and I have experienced magnetic engagement inward and a direct positive impact in my life onward. By choosing one word to live by each year, I have found myself more consciously connected & guided by the intentional qualities of the word. Every year the words that I have chosen seem intrinsically to build on each other.  The past year’s words work as essential building blocks to my ever-growing foundation.  I have family and friends that join in and pick a Word of the Year for themselves as well. My husband, my Mom, my sister & a group of my girlfriends all participate; making our words engaging and alive for us all collectively. Whenever we gather, we check in with each other on how our words are showing up, what shifts in perspective have taken place.  As the New Year is upon us, I wanted to write this post from the energetic thread of DREAM.  I closed my eyes to feel into DREAM… instantly I was illuminated with memories from a beautiful journey last year to Napa Valley. 
This special place in Napa was curated and birthed by a true pioneer and close friend of mine who has always encouraged me to dream into the infinite possibilities. Which is why I feel this blog post is so in alignment, Somnium means “dream” in Latin…my girlfriend, Danica Patrick chose Somnium as the name for her vineyard/ winery located in St. Helena, California. Somnium Wine was born from Danica’s dream, her passion for wine, cooking and connection she felt when visiting Napa Valley.

“I named the vineyard Somnium, which means dream in Latin, because I thought owning my own winery was something that would just be a dream, but it became a reality. I can’t tell you how many times I have signed an autograph for a child and added the note —dream big! It is a life motto—it’s how I think, how I live and what I preach! My dreams never stop, and they continue to evolve” – Danica Patrick, Proprietor

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Dunton Town House- Telluride

I’ve just journeyed back from one of my favorite places in Colorado… Telluride!  I have been traveling with my husband Ben, to the beautiful mountain town for 14 years.  Telluride is equally as magnetic and adventurous in the summer and the winter with amazing mountain terrain to explore in both seasons! There are two areas where you can stay while visiting Telluride, either in town or in the Mountain Village and personally, I really love both!  With a complimentary gondola that connects the Village to the town, navigating to and from is not only convenient but also offers unparalleled views of the San Juan Mountains and historic town of Telluride.  July 11th was my 38th birthday and I chose to celebrate with my hubby & stay in town at a relatively new boutique hotel called The Dunton Town House, located right in the center of the town of Telluride. The Dunton Town House is full of character and charm with lux amenities, I’m excited to share all that I fell in love with at this boutique property… let the Dunton Journey begin.

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The Lodge at Kukui`ula – Kauai

Cascading emerald green mountains, effervescent waterfalls, bountiful ocean adventures, luxury boutique property, a spa that will transport your body into peaceful tranquility, exquisite farm to fork cuisine & a new “Living Well Yoga Guru Series” initiating a fluid connection with the mind, body, and soul! I am honored to share my journey to the “Garden Island” a.k.a Kauai & The Lodge at Kukui`ula. With my heart full of the Aloha spirit, my intention in this post is to share the sacred Hawaiian Mana (Divine Power).

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Return to Big Sky Country

I had hoped to share this wintery journey back in late January… and I have to say 2018 has really been a whirlwind of unexpected detours.  I always like to start the New Year with a fresh perspective full of goals, dreams and new beginnings, as I believe most of us do. All I can say is, though the seeds have been planted, boy has reality kicked me into the unknown! I continue to be shown that there is just so much that is out of our control. No matter how much we plan, sometimes we are tested to just let go and flow & trust the journey ahead. With 2018 already in full swing, I hope everyone is finding fluidity in this year full of transformation. As we let go of the old and make room for the new… I’m reminded to stay connected within, to stay present and just breathe… reminding myself all is unfolding just as it should. Continue Reading…

Inner Monologue Podcast

It’s been a while since I have written and shared a travel journey, 3 months to be exact! Yowzer how time flies!!!  My travels have come to a halt while I’ve been immersed in my toffee business working side by side with my Mom…tis the season to give toffee! No worries, coming early 2018 I will be back traveling, writing and sharing some of my new-found discoveries.  For now, I wanted to share a journey I took back in May of this year. I didn’t have to travel far, just 30 min south to Scottsdale…

May 7th, I had an awesome opportunity to sit down with the conscious and talented Thomas Brown, curator of Inner Monologue Podcast. Thomas has created a platform for people to share their inward journeys, he does an incredible job navigating each guest going back in time and then bringing it all back full circle to the present, to their awakened conscious state.

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Highland Haven Inn… Colorado

Oh, do I have a deep love for Colorado, it’s one of my favorite places to journey year-round! When my good friend, Dusti invited me to join her on a weekend trip to Colorado; without hesitation, I eagerly said yes!  One of our favorite bands, Nahko & Medicine for the People were playing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO.  Though I have never been to the Red Rocks, there is a bespoken buzz about this outdoor venue; which is carved out of the red rocks & exposed to the moonlit, starry sky!  Dusti took care of getting our concert tickets and it was up to me to find a place for us to stay. I came across this eclectic and charming Inn called Highland Haven, complete with a whimsical treehouse! I’m excited to share about our little playful adventure that offered big heart expansion.

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Los Poblanos Inn and Organic Farm

Aromatic lavender fields, farm to fork organic cuisine and authentic New Mexico architecture by John Gaw Meem… I am so excited to share this special & truly one of a kind property located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I first discovered Los Poblanos Inn and Organic Farm 7 years ago when looking for places to stay in ABQ while visiting my husband’s family. During my internet search, I came across this charming Inn located in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.  With the Rio Grande River to the West and the Sandia Mountains to the East, Los Poblanos is surrounded by rich vegetation & beautiful views. When entering the Los Poblanos property, you drive down a road lined with giant, majestic cottonwood trees.  I remember feeling enchantment and wonder… It was during my first visit to LP, that I started to dream into creating my travel blog.  I thought, “unique places like this Inn have a story yearning to be experienced and shared”.  Los Poblanos evokes a tranquil stillness and deep connection with the land.  Once on the property, you can feel the heartbeat and soul connective thread of the owners & curators of Los Poblanos, The Rembe Family.

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Just BE… Tulum

I am so excited to share one of my favorite mystical places to journey… Tulum, Mexico!  I first experienced Tulum 3 years ago on a yoga retreat with my husband Ben, not only did we fall in love with the land and the Mayan culture, energetically we shifted and evolved.   I recently went back to Tulum in February with my soul sister for some restorative vacation time. We stayed at the beautiful  BE Tulum, a boutique hotel that has been on my dream list to experience.  We arrived in the evening to check in and were enveloped with the calming and cleansing smoke of Copal, walking up the sand pathway with candle light glistening in the trees and the crisp smell of the ocean air. Yes, we had arrived in paradise.

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